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Welcome to the 2017 Creston Valley Bird Fest

Where the Birds Are - celebration of the birds, art, and the agriculture of the Creston Valley .  

Thank you to everyone who took part in the Creston Valley Bird Fest 2017 and made it the Best Festival Ever. Over 3 days, 124 bird species were recorded.

Click here to see the species tally.  Thanks to Pat Huet for compiling the data!

Thanks to all of the folks who made the festival a success!  Click here to read more..

Keynote Speaker - Brian Keating
A Natural Relationship
Saturday, May 13th
7:00 to 9:30 pm
Prince Charles Secondary School Auditorium
223-18th Ave. S. Creston, BC

Presentation Abstract for the Creston Bird Festival
“A Natural Relationship”
A presentation on the need to encourage and nurture a bond with nature,  for us and for the Planet.
by Brian Keating

Brian Keating, former naturalist at the Creston Valley Wildlife Centre, is an adventurer, world traveller, and leader of some 80 expeditions to remote locations around the world. 
This experience, coupled with his earlier career of running the Calgary Zoo’s education program for 15 years, has given him an unusual insight into the importance of nature appreciation in both young and old.
To highlight what has been termed the “Nature Deficit Disorder”, Brian intends to take you on a journey exploring the importance of the natural experience, the effects on health and psychological well being, and the basic need to stay connected with the very substance that makes us human.  Brian will take you on a visual journey to some very special places to illustrate the importance of ‘unplugging’ and getting out side. 
Using his informative and often humours method of live-narrated video, he promises to share some very special natural moments, guaranteed to drive home the message that a greener planet is not only nice, but necessary for our very survival.

Brian’s previous job at the Zoo was to raise money and then to spend it on environmental projects around the world. Presently, he’s the Zoo’s Honourary Conservation Advisor to their outreach efforts and the owner of

NOTE: Brian Keating is in high demand as a speaker, presenting on the average at some 50 events a year as a keynote or feature speaker throughout Canada and the USA.  His audiences range from business executives to school children, at major international conferences to small private gatherings. His buoyant, fast paced and humorous method of presentation is uplifting yet meaningful, and is often commented on as the conference or program event highlight. 

More information about Brian Keating: