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Welcome to the 2016 Creston Valley Bird Fest

Where the Birds Are - celebration of the birds, art, and the agriculture of the Creston Valley .  

Pandion Ecological Research are continuing to monitor herons during the fall and winter months and would be very interested in any heron sightings that could help  identify key overwintering sites.  This work comprises part of an ongoing heron inventory and stewardship project funded by the Fish and Wildlife Compensation Program and the Columbia Basin Trust.  Heron sightings can be reported directly to Marlene Machmer via email ( or by telephone (250 505-9978).  

Christmas Bird Count: Tuesday, Dec. 27, 2016
Call Sharon @ 250-428-7289 if you'd like to join the fielding group
Call Pat @ 250-428-0644 if interested in the feeder watch group

Click here to see the results of the Sunday May 15th Bird Count