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Where the Birds Are


 January 11:    CROSSBILLS are found in single-species flocks wandering erratically in search of food, mainly the cones of pines, spruces, and firs. Seeds are pried out using the unique crossed bill tip!  

White-winged Crossbills have been sighted on the Lakeview Arrow Creek Road. They prefer smaller cones mainly larch, hemlock, and spruce.
Red Crossbills have been sighted in the forests of Lister, Erickson, and West Creston.   


 January 4:    There are 4 species of GREBES on Kootenay Lake this week:  

Pied-Billed: smallest, thick bill, dark eye  
Horned: flat-topped head, white neck, red eye  
Red-Necked: stocky, heavy bill, thick neck, dark eye  
Western: largest, slender with long neck, red eye .  



December 28:  Northern Shrikes are being spotted throughout the valley.  

Photo taken at Leach Lake by Marc-Andre Beaucher during the Christmas Bird Count on December 27th. But they have also been seen in Canyon, Duck Lake, Wynndel Flats, and West Creston Flats

 December 21:  Goat River Road S. to find California Quail.

This is also a good road to view Christmas lights in the evening. Merry Christmas Everyone - stay safe, healthy, and happy.  

 December 14th:  "Hawksview" aka. Kootenay-River Road where you can find Rough-legged Hawks and Red-tailed Hawks!

What to look for:  RLHA will have a distinctive pattern of dark wrists and the primaries are always clean white.  RTHA adults have the distinctive red tail and a streaked belly-band


 December 7th, 2020:  The Great-Blue Herons are once again skating and ice-fishing on Duck Lake!!

November 29th, 2020:  ICELAND GULL at Kuskanook Harbour. Rare bird alert!!!
What to look for: overall light gray  darker patch on face  all black bill (for a first year)  upper flight feathers brownish and darker on mantle

November 23rd:  The Short-Eared Owls returned to Duck Lake.